National General Motor Club

National General Motor Club offers you an exceptional set of roadside assistance benefits for you and your family, whatever make or model car you drive.

Among the benefits National General Motor Club members will enjoy:

Roadside Assistance
24/7 Roadside assistance at remarkably affordable rates
Towing without mileage or dollar limits to the nearest qualified repair facility
Emergency Reimbursment
Emergency Expense Reimbursement – up to $750 for meals, lodging and alternate transportation in the event of an accident when you’re away from home
Trip Planning
Benefits for eligible members in any car
Multiple Discounts
Trip planning benefits including free maps and online trip planning

And more!

Learn more about National General Motor Club. Because whether you’re commuting to work, taking a family vacation, or sending a student off to college across country, it provides the peace of mind that you deserve.

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